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About Us

At BigMovv, we believe there is always a better way to grow a company’s brand. Our mission is to focus on solidifying a brand’s position across multiple marketplaces. We achieve it by bringing your products in front of customers who actually buy, which eventually leads to higher sales, revenue and customer’s loyalty. 

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How we help your brand grow

Brand Management


BigMovv specialises in creating additional sales and improving conversion by using Enhance Brand Content and A+Content to tell a beautiful story of a product and brand, so the customers can fully grasp the benefits of the product. Our copywriter also turns your title, description and images into Amazon SEO ready and elevates your listing to rank higher on the search page. This is a great way to increase customer confidence, brand awareness and your bottom line. 

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Brand’s Integrity Protection

BigMovv monitors and protects your brand by identifying any unauthorised sellers, MAP compliance and any violation of your policy in the marketplace. We help cleaning up with any issues or inconsistency about your brand or product on the Amazon market place, which may potentially have a negative impact on the brand.

Ratings & Review Management


BigMovv interacts with customers on your behalf. Our customer service experts use proven feedback service to increase the number of reviews, and follow up with any questions raised in turn providing customers with a positive experience.

Amazon Advertising


BigMovv drives additional traffic to your listing to increase sales by running Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We adopt strategic ad campaign planning to optimise the PPC effect which will dramatically increase the page rank and traffic, thus increasing the organic sales, creating snowball effect of growth.

Minimal Channel Disruption


BigMovv closely monitors your listings to ensure early detection of any listing's or Amazon’s policy violation. This ensures your listing are active so you can keep selling with no disruption. We liase with Amazon on your behalf to resolve any dispute or issues with your listings/products.


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